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Maywood Estate


Maywood Estate in Bridgewater, CT is a premier example of land use preservation and diversified agriculture in Litchfield County.  Greg Bollard, who has been property manager since 1984, and his experienced staff have established Maywood to be a true steward of the land. The estate consists of a variety of different perennial gardens, greenhouses, vegetable gardens, and a vineyard.  Their dedication to following NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association) standards exemplifies their progressive outlook towards land preservation.  


Maywood first sold to New Milford Hospital for Plow to Plate® in 2008.  Maywood wanted to support the mission of Plow to Plate® because it meshed so well with Maywood's mission.  Their philosophy is quite simple, "keep it local."  In keeping with that sentiment, Maywood supplies the Bridgewater Village Store with fresh produce and/or with the raw materials to use in the store's daily homemade selections.  Maywood also sells to local caterers and restaurants.  


Maywood's relationship has worked out well with New Milford Hospital, especially because the hospital is open and receptive to the vast array of produce that Maywood grows throughout the season.  Maywood introduced the hospital to nettles and celery root.  In turn, chefs use these ingredients as bases for soup.  Greg points out that in order for the success of programs like Plow to Plate® to continue and grow, there needs to be a "renewed priority in preserving and utilizing agricultural resources in Litchfield County."  People need to have a greater understanding of the importance of farms and agricultural land use and to embrace that.  


Maywood grows a diverse line of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs for the hospital, offering variety from week to week and the chefs of New Milford Hospital truly have taken on the challenge of utilizing what produce is available from week to week. Much of the credit of the success of Plow to Plate® must be given to the chefs who are creative, flexible, and resourceful with available produce.


Using programs like Plow to Plate® as a teaching mechanism for chefs in hospitals will only broaden the concept of using local, fresh ingredients.  This is a real challenge for chefs in hospital kitchens.  In order for programs like Plow to Plate® to be successful, chefs need to familiarize themselves with fresh produce and establish relationships with the farmers around them.  


In 2010, Maywood provided New Milford Hospital with broccoli, lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes, peas, beans, apples, peaches, pears, carrots, log mushrooms, maple syrup, celery, celery root, onions, pumpkins, squash, winter squash, gourds, beets, leeks, and various herbs.