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Mon. thru Fri. - 4 and 5 pm
at New Milford Hospital
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Plow to Plate® is based upon the premise that a hospital can be a change agent, leading the way to demonstrate that health begins with the food we eat, and that it is possible for an institution ----a health care institution, importantly----can provide nurturing foods to promote healing and wellness. We source as many ingredients as possible from our local farm partners (see partners and supporters page). Click here for a few of our recipes. Our patients and staff, and public enjoy them, we hope you will as well! We are very proud to be featured by the leading patient satisfaction survey organization as the hospital with the "best practice" in food service, click here to read more...... 

Plow to Plate® and Unidine Corporation (the dining services company for New Milford Hospital) are pleased to present a recent webinar:
Dining Programs in Patient Centered Care: Beyond Patient Satisfaction with New Milford Hospital’s Planetree Director, Marydale DeBor.

This six part program is a comprehensive presentation that covers food trends, healthcare reform, and more specifically, the evolution of hospital dining programs.
Just click to hear all about progress in these areas as well as the question and answer segment from participants.


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